Sapaclisp is the Common-Lisp code for the book "Spectral Analysis for Physical Applications: Multitaper and Conventional Univariate Techniques" (Cambridge University Press, 1993), by Donald B. Percival and Andrew T. Walden. The code is not only focused on spectral analysis, but contains many usefull numerical routines for a variety of purposes (linear systems, least squares, FFT, etc).

The code is now (as of 15.04.2005) under the BSD ("sans advertising clause") licence.

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You will need ASDF.
  1. Download the source code and unpack it in the directory where you want to install it.
  2. Make a symbolic link for in your central registry to the .asd file of Sapaclisp.
    ln -s /my/central/registry/sapaclisp.asd /path/of/code/sapaclisp.asd
  3. Start your lisp implementation, and compile (and load) the code:
    (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'sapaclisp)
Last modified: 02.04.06, Mario S. Mommer